Friday, September 21, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....

Where has September gone?  Seriously, it is going to be Fall in just a few days.  This summer has flown by.  I don't know why, but I am having writers block or something and I can't think of anything really witty or charming to say in this post, but I thought I needed to post... so, it's going to be a bunch of random thoughts...Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good:
Several times over the past week or so when I didn't want to go to the gym or track my points... I did it anyway... so whoot whoot!   There was a night last week when I didn't want to go to the gym or my weight watchers meeting but I basically talked myself into going, and then since I had already gone to the gym, I was able to talk myself into going to my weigh in, lost 1.2 pounds... so I am glad I did.  One of the good things as well, is that even though the weight loss has been slow... I am still committed to it and still going to the gym and trying (some days are better than others) to follow the weight watchers plan and track everything... but I'm still here!  Yay!   I just keep thinking that even if I only loose 25 pounds every 8 months, that is still 25 pounds less than I was 8 months ago... so, regardless of how fast or slow it comes off... it's still coming off  so YAY!  Oh, and somebody actually noticed my weight loss and asked if I had been losing weight.. so, that is also exciting and a really good thing.  I also was really proud of myself over the past couple of weeks paying better attention to serving sizes...  I had purchased this very small container (I think like the half pint) of ice cream in my new favorite flavor Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate (it is the Premium Select Brand from Smith's) and instead of just eating the container in one serving, I followed the portion sizes which was 4 servings (very, very small servings) and ate it over a week.  I know, it seems like a stupid thing to be proud of, but to me, it is proof of some of the small changes that I am making on this journey to become healthier and lose weight.

The Bad:
So I am still struggling to figure out how to still be able to eat out with friends, but stay within my weight watchers points.  I don't know why but social eating is a big thing for me and when I am out at a great restaurant surrounded by amazingly delicious food's hard for me to always choose the "grilled chicken" option.  For example next week I am going with some friends from out of town to Red I am not going to eat one or two of their amazing cheesy biscuits and some sort of seafood covered in butter... I only go there like twice a year and I am not going to just order the grilled chicken, that would not be any fun at all!  So friends, any ideas on how I can do better with staying within my points while eating out?

 The Ugly:
Well, at my work luncheon the other day I ate 3 desserts from Kneaders (they were however darn delicious and worth all 25 points).... I also had been craving a hamburger, for like a week and I finally broke down and went to the drive thru on one of my lunch breaks and got one of these babies... the Jr. Pastrami Burger....oh, it is like heaven, so tasty.  When people ask me what my hypothetical last meal would be it usually involves Crown Burger..although if it was my last meal I would order the Jr Crown.. but would go for the big one.. the full Crown, the heart attack in a bag.  Anyway, I digress.. I guess the good thing about my lunch date with Crown Burger would be that I recorded it in my daily points, even though I didn't want to (it's a lot of calories... and a ton of points) and I got back on track the next day.   
So there you have it friends.. my life for the past couple of weeks, well not everything about my life LOL... so thanks for following, and I always welcome any suggestions from readers or things you all have found successful in your weight loss journey. 
Thanks for following!

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  1. Okay, here's my friend suggestion on the social eating thing. Don't go starving! Drink a glass of water at the beginning and eat very slowly. Enjoy the company. And if you blow it (which we ALL do time to time) forgive yourself and move on. It's part of life. The important thing is to make good choices MOST of the time. You are doing super. I love the updates.